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Business Impact Analysis aims to determine the damage which arises if the company’s processes stop or the company’s data assets are damaged in any way. We can look to understand how damage occurs by examining all the IT resources comprehensively to ensure the integrity of the processes and data.

Challenges facing Business Impact Analysis

  • Processing data of varying quality derived from heterogeneous sources

  • The challenges posed by process- and compliance risk

  • to provide a basis upon which all further analysis (facility, security, human risk) may be conducted



  • End-to-end process charts

  • List of processes and IT resources

  • RACI (responsibility assignment) matrix

  • Process visualization

  • Process audit diagram (turtle diagram)

  • Interface map

  • Data flow diagram

  • List of critical applications

  • Timetable of daily activities

  • Data inventory

  • CRUD matrix

  • Compliance with ISO 9001: 2015

  • GDPR support

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