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It was around 2010 when we came to the realisation that, in terms of business impact analysis – business continuity management governance – risk management, businesses largely used insular systems, or spreadsheets, which either communicated with one another through redundant interfaces or simply did not communicate with one another at all, while qualitative risk analysis software adopted a one-size-fits-all approach to managing risks whose method of detection was radically different. To cater for this market niche, Monolith launched a new development which has since grown into a unique GRC (Governance, Risk management and Compliance) system on the Hungarian market. The business subsequently set up to market this new solution we offer, integrating best practices in order to meets standards’ requirements across each area, is ADAPTO Solutions Ltd.


Continuous development has enabled us to create a system that supports managers in responding rapidly with effective professional decisions based on analysis. The program itself is highly adaptable, supporting businesses in steadily from year to year building up their governance system, comprising process- and quality management, risk management and compliance testing. Implementing ADAPTO is therefore not a one-off millstone around your business’ neck, but rather a long-term construction project in the spirit of continuous development.  

We provide users with an implementation consultation, and training in methodology and software use. We also transfer our technology to your selected consulting company and train them in software use, so that your established partners can implement ADAPTO for you and, should you require, we can integrate the system into an already existing process governance system or migrate data from the legacy system into the ADAPTO software database.

2-3 new versions every year, bringing you the latest upgrades in line with client needs, regulatory compliance changes and developments covering an ever-broader spectrum of the risk universe, ensure you are always up-to-date with ADAPTO.

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