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Compliance aims to certify in writing that a particular product, process or service, or the certified organisation complies with the requirements specified as the basis of the certification procedure.

Challenges facing Compliance

  • to ensure compliance with current legislation

  • valos vállalati működés leírása 

  • to be methodologically well-grounded

  • to be generated by modern technology, in. software

  • to ensure aspects of compliance may be customised and expanded


ADAPTO’s risk analysis module is built based on the risk analysis method set out in the ISO 31000 standard.

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  • Business continuity planning, management and testing in accordance with ISO 22301

  •  IT security risk analysis and management in accordance with ISO 27001

  • Preparation of ISO 27001 Compliance Declaration

  • Supporting standards compliance with quality management systems (QMS) of ISO 9001 compliant organizations

  • IT support in accordance with Act 2013/L

  • Government Decree No. 270/2018 (XII. 20) justifies the existence and exercise of appropriate and proportionate measures

  • IT support for GDPR-compliant organisational operation

  • Risk management in accordance with Decree Nos. 7/2017 and 26/2018 of the Central Bank of Hungary

  • Implementation of PSD2 tasks in relation to business continuity, and process- and information security risk management.

  • Aspects of compliance may be customised and extended 

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