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Facility security analysis aims to protect the physical integrity of the people working for the company, to ensure the operation of the company’s processes, to protect assets against theft and to safeguard data assets against attack from outside and from within.

Challenges facing Facility Security Management

  • to determine, in the course of establishing the characteristics of the site, the different zones to be found there and how these overlap one another

  • to map the physical protection equipment to be found on the site

  • to determine the level of protection to be assigned to specific zones on the basis of the assets housed there (human lives, assets, data assets)

  • to establish the threat presented by mapping the profile of the presumed attacker

  • to analyse the effectiveness of the security equipment by comparing the protection equipment in overlapping zones with the capabilities of attacker(s)

  • to upgrade the protection equipment in proportion to the assets to be protected

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  • Attacker profiling

  • Determination the efficiency of the protection systems

  • Risk assessment of the zones

  • Assessing missing control components

  • Risk treatment plans

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