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Human resources risk management aims to identify, analyse and manage the risks presented by the people who shape the business and ensure the company’s operation, whether these result from their specific organisational role and tasks, from the person of the employee or the impact exerted on the employee by the working environment or market circumstances.

Challenges facing Human Resources Risk Management:

  • to map the damage which may be caused to the processes affected by the employee’s scope of responsibility and to measure this in such a way that it may be compared with other risks

  • to demonstrate that the causes of any potential damage are attributable to an inadequacy of which competences (knowledge, skills and ability, attitude)

  • to determine the employee’s knowledge and experience, ie. value to the company, in light of the likelihood and impact of the employee’s departure

  • to have a tool with which to manage human resources risk



  • Organizational and individual risk analysis

  • Competence analysis

  • Employee retention risk analysis

  • Workforce segmentation

  • Talent Management

  • Measuring employee workload

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